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    The development of China's stone industry trends
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    With the implementation of the policy of China's reform and development, the national economy is soaring, living environment improved, all kinds of infrastructure and public construction has been vigorously developing.

    Stone as a natural high-grade construction decoration material, with its unique pattern, texture and recover one's original simplicity of the decorative effect, is widely used in the construction of the tide.

    Industry clear differentiation

    Professional services will have greater development, the production of high-end products, disease treatment and consulting services will become the industry's main body.

    Because the stone contained in the scope of business is a part of stone company, decoration companies, cleaning companies, property companies have overlapping, coupled with the temptation of high profits, many companies do not want to get business to stone maintenance company to do, this will reduce the profit space, and have set up their own stone maintenance department, engaged in stone maintenance operations.

    This most in the cleaning industry, cleaning company almost all carried out or are planning to conduct the stone maintenance business. Stone company also has this trend.

    At present, general larger companies have set up a stone maintenance department, a refurbished equipment, some companies are still formulating protective agent simple.

    Decoration companies and property companies less, decoration company mainly is to add some refurbished equipment or buy their coating protective agent, but not set up a special department. The property company is focused mainly on the crystal surface treatment and protection to some, but only for their property services.

    In the business of stone material conserve all, stone cleaning, stone maintenance and renovation of stone of the minimum threshold, and the adjacent industry overlap, so the development trend in the future, they will gradually be marginalized in the industry, is no longer the main stone maintenance industry.

    In fact, the overlap of processing conditions of stone and cleaning industry and cleaning, renovation, but its technical relatively much higher, random changes, and the need to experience considerable and problem solving ability, generally difficult to master.

    So, it will still as stone conservation programs preserved.

    Because the stone protection raw material suppliers to expand sales, they face the society a whoop and a holler, making the protective agent is becoming more and more transparent.

    Popular supply of raw materials will be made of stone material maintenance agent market reached epidemic levels, mainly reflected in the methyl silicate, silane, siloxane, organic fluorine chemistry.

    General customer repurchase materials after dilution can direct sales or use, so this kind of protective agent is no longer a stone conservation patents, will soon be related industry marginalization, also no longer is the mainstream of stone material conserve industry.

    But high-end protection market is another situation. High-end protective agent mentioned here refers to the special formulation design, make the product to overcome the common disadvantages of protective agent, and add some special function characteristic product.

    The development characteristics of protective products and preparation of special design, develop some specific function needs to have highly sophisticated science and technology support, ordinary people to get involved in.

    Therefore, the high-end protective agent market will become more and more specialized.

    In stone cleaning, stone renovation, maintenance of stone and low-end protective agent market continued to be related industries after absorption, related services and information technology consulting has space for development.

    As these projects threshold low, industry in general is not high quality, and competitive. People need to constantly seek new information and new technology, to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

    Even professional stone company also need to constantly acquire new information to predict the industry development trend, and regular internal training to improve the overall quality of enterprises. All these things to do a very professional and efficient institutions, this is Stone Conservation Advisory services.

    Stone conservation advisory services and stone disease treatment, high-end stone protective materials will become the three main industries of the future.

    Stone comprehensive maintenance industry strong

    Nature stone industry will be redefined, connotation is expanded, further expand the scope of business, the market to obtain the horizontal development.

    Stone industry is a comprehensive industry, which is why it is in other related industries and gradually being marginalized absorption of. These characteristics also has its good side, also can use the edge to the relevant industry business development.

    At present, the connotation of stone conservation is not know you enough, if we take the maintenance of stone content analysis, it is not difficult to find: the original stone conservation can be engaged in the business is much more.

    Firstly, we analyze the protective material.

    Protective material is mainly used in organic silicon and fluorine, are excellent surface activity agent, silane, silicone or in good coupling agent, can be used in osmotic protection of porous materials and surface protection coating.

    When we put the raw materials into the back, in addition to the production of stone protective agent, also can produce building waterproof agent, wood preservatives and antifouling agents, fabric waterproof antifouling agent, paper waterproof antifouling agent, ceramic protective agent and so on, can also with other materials are compounded into surface protective coatings used for surface protection of plastic, metal.

    The basic function of the waterproof protective materials. In practical operation, in addition to the protection of stone, cement, stone stone gap paste and waterproof wall materials are our guarantee stone protective engineering quality conditions.

    Moreover, stone protection and waterproof building itself is closely linked, to some extent, it can be said, stone protection is a branch of waterproof construction. So, stone conservation in turn to undertake waterproof business is also reasonable thing.

    Maintenance of stone conservation to a large extent with the hotel also has close ties, refurbished hotel ware as a supporting service is a master maintenance company. This renovation has been widely used and promoted in the whole ceramic industry technology, can be brought not a small income for the maintenance of stone industry.

    Crystal surface treatment technology development can also get great development in the aspects of ceramic brick. Many enterprises are studying new material for polishing brick and antifouling, the effect is quite good.

    Such as "green angel" the latest G1, G2 series is specially used for polishing brick and microcrystalline stone, ceramic tile surface antifouling, intensifying, anti-skid products, this product after the introduction of a strong response.

    Whether the material production or engineering operation, as long as we try to do, we believe that the industry will be bigger and bigger. We not only do stone conservation, also can do wood, ceramics, textile, paper and even metal materials protection.

    Then, we define the industry will no longer just stone conservation, and should be the protection of the whole building.

    Stone conservation v, ertical market developed rapidly

    Stone maintenance market focus on the emergence of transfer, the rapid development of the market direction.

    At present, stone conservation market mainly in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other big city development center. Along with our country economy development, the pace of development of the mainland provinces and cities gradually accelerated, provides a great opportunity to the development of a large number of construction projects for China's stone industry. Gravity stone conservation also from big city to the small and medium-sized city.

    On the other hand, large-scale construction projects in the city has been basically completed, maintaining key stone conservation will later period. At the same time, stone conservation family will get attention, and become the main market of second stone maintenance development.

    Stone industry brand development

    Industry brand development, market level of performance is clear.

    Brand building is a major engineering for the development of enterprise, it can reflect the distinct characteristics, is also a kind of realm and the pursuit of business objectives.

    When an industry has developed to a certain extent, the competition between enterprises, many enterprises hope to establish the management mechanism, more excellent quality mechanism and service mechanism to overcome the other enterprises, to establish their own dominance. This is the brand strategy.

    Stone industry after a period of confusion in the competition, the difference between the enterprise gradually, with comparative advantages of enterprises in the industry reputation gradually expanded, eventually forming industry brand.

    The development of brand building directly lead to effective differentiation in the market. Some of the common enterprises due to the lack of competitiveness, is still at the bottom of the industry, engaged in simple and hard work, they very little income and competitive.

    Those who pay attention to brand construction enterprises are trying to improve their comparative advantages, in order to make their brand value more. Because many brand value determines what you are level and position in the market.

    The existing comparative advantage is the basis of brand. The comparative advantage of the enterprises are different, unique. The different position and characteristic difference determines the level of industry brand and diversity.

    This makes our industry can be developed three-dimensional, complementary, benign.

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