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The Company adopts“4 C” management strategy to develop business.It is that the implementation of Customer-oriented management strategy is based on Capability, Cost and Creativity.

Correct and definitely understanding the demands of customers is one of  important sucessful factors. Customer oriented marketing strategy decides the company future. Company’s goal is to give Customers the most attractive offering together with good quality and on time delivery.

The most competitive price is based on lowest cost to operate. The keys to achieve lowest cost includes 1) efficient organization, 2) efficient world wide purchasing, 3)Standardizing products, service and process, 4) risk analysis and process controlling and 5) procedures reorganization.


Right persons working in right position is one of important successful principal. Company does the best to attract excellent presons to work in, Company does the efforts to supply professional training for employee to improve professional skill.

Creative idea and new creative ways are one of most important successful factor. Company will create a free and relaxing working environment for employee, encourage employee to discuss with each other, or have brain storm between employees to solve problems in working. Company adopts positive openly attitude to carry out new ways and or new idea to develop business.

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