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The company was founded in 2004, specializes in integrated supplying and marketing of building materials,dedicates to the standardization of building products, promotion and utilization of new building productsand materials, serves for domestic and foreign construction companies,landscaping and decoration companies, and building materials whole sale enterprises.

Originally fromthestone business, the Company implements integrated operation fromdesigning, procurement to installation.Along with development of business,the business scope of building materials is gradually expanded involved in various types of steel, glass, plywood, ceramic plate, stainless steel andnon-ferrous metals.

After years of efforts, thecompanyhasfounded the"Fubeihong" brand and given the brandrich connotation of nature, elegance and comfort.

The company carries out“4C”management and marketing strategy in order to continuously push forward the company to a great development and better prospect.

Address: Imp and Exp department, No.21th floor, dingli mansion No.235 Changyang road, Shanghai, China.
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