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    Development and changes in ten years China Stone
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    10 years ago, the stone industry development exists blindness, the lack of overall planning of science, leads to the waste of resources, environmental pollution, ecological destruction and other issues. Stone industry pollution is serious, technical content is low, mainly rely on manual manufacturing. Mining technology from drilling and blasting. In 2000, sales income of the large-scale stone enterprise less than 20000000000 Yuan, import stone products is only $400000000, exports of stone products is $800000000.

    Today, the area of resource conservation, environmental protection issues more and more attention, to close small mines and processing plants through rectification, integration,, reducing the waste of resources, destruction of the ecological environment phenomenon. Stone professional equipment development and manufacturing industry developing rapidly, sawing machine, automatic polishing machine, mining circular saws, blocks of loader with a number of independent intellectual property rights of the mechanical equipment has been developed and applied. Automatic processing of stone products, digital, intelligent equipment and technology has been widely used, large stone enterprises currently generally use infrared positioning cutting machine, CNC equipment, automatic polishing line, automatic glue production line of high-tech machinery and equipment, stone diamond wire saw, Shi Chuanzhu disk stone sawing machine, chain saw, arm stone cutting mining international advanced equipment also obtained the popularization and the application.

    Large and medium-sized stone processing enterprises, the basic realization of the wastewater recycling and treatment after discharge; stone scrap, waste residue comprehensive utilization technology breakthroughs, made of stone scrap processing of artificial stone, stone mosaic products have been successfully put on the market, with the stone cutting and polishing the waste residue powder as raw material, the building block, brick and other products have achieved scale production. In 2010, China's sales income over 200000000 Yuan Stone approximately 50 enterprises, sales revenue exceeds 500000000 yuan enterprise stone about 20. By 2011, the national total of more than 3000 large-scale stone enterprise, sales income reached about 230000000000 yuan, stone imports amounted to 2500000000 US dollars, exports of stone products increased to $5100000000.

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