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    Stone carving is an ancient art
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    Stone's history can be traced back over 1.2 million years ago in the middle paleolithic. From the origin of human art began carving history. Can say, so human art form of cover and contain everything, no one can be more ancient than the stone, no one kind of artistic form skilled craftsmen its more people love to see and hear, never fade. Stone has evolved millions of years, in the generation of various stone carving style is different.

    The New Stone Age

    The Chinese Neolithic ancestors, about ten thousand years ago, has been able to firing pottery, but in about seven thousand or eight thousand years, only started to enter the era of painted pottery. In contrast, Chinese ancient human invention of polished stone technology, has been used in the late Paleolithic Shanding cave people, stone ornaments, is pondering through hole, this is a milepost, history of ancient Chinese sculpture because, only grinding technology invention, stone carving material will become human ever-victorious.

    The stone carving

    Following the Erlitou culture, is the two Rigon culture, represent the remains of Shang dynasty. This stone production still accounts for an important position, then the prevalence of various pottery products attract sb.'s attention, but the rare stone works. Until the Yin Ruins culture period, to enter the Chinese bronze age peak stage, stone carving art again shine with dazzling brilliance. Statues of famous people of late Shang, also from Anyang Hou Jia Zhuang 1004 big tomb Shirengou afterimage mortar, the tomb of Fu Hao Yin 376 stone. These characters are detailed, clothing style is clear, is a direct manifestation of the ancient sculptors of social life, thus leaving a available for view template for future generations.

    Han Stone Carvings

    The famous stone carving of Qin Dynasty, according to the "three auxiliary yellow map" records, there are new moment in Xianyang bridge of ancient book Meng Ben stone; Shi Huang mausoleum built Li had carved a pair of high a three foot stone kylin. Unfortunately, these sites have all gone. But we see that the Qin Dynasty stone carving art far-reaching influence on later generations from the signs still. First of all, large human stone carving creation is originated from Qin culture, Art Deco and used as a building and cemetery. Then the human and animal of the giant stone, developed later nobility mausoleum building custom. In addition, the Jianshi imperial mausoleum also "Beishan stone coffin", so, application of stone carving techniques to chisel nobles and magnates to follow precedent. Visible, the Qin Dynasty stone carving art is the history of ancient Chinese sculpture short but brilliant.

    Sui Tang and Five Dynasties Stone

    If we say that the Buddhist art is the art of help people in distress, then experienced hundreds of years of vicissitudes, grand unification period of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, it began to lose leading position. With the political and economic and cultural prosperity of the artistic reproduction of an unprecedented, put flowers compete situation, stone carving art has formed a new peak of development.

    The Song Dynasty stone carving

    The Northern Song Dynasty after the establishment, to take effective measures to restore the wounds of war, social economic and cultural revival, in art also formed the unique pattern of the times. On the other hand, the Northern Song Dynasty to compromise and capitulation externally, enterprising, to press people, perfunctory, negative corrupt life to ideology, the society is full of all kinds of Yin-Yang and the five elements of superstition, the Confucian theory of.

    Taoist revival could curb the development of Buddhist culture, literature and art reflect life content increasing. Influence of plastic arts, also lost its former magnificent great style, style, meticulous style tends to be neat and beautiful.

    Ming and Qing Dynasty stone carving

    The Ming and Qing Dynasties of China's feudal society by the turmoil, recovery, prosperity and the collapse of the last round of the cycle, the art of architecture, or along the classical art of traditional development, thus forming the last peak in the history of ancient Chinese architectural art.

    The Ming Dynasty palace, Tomb of the scale are very ambitious, belongs to the building of stone carving art has also made a lot of innovation achievements. Qing palace garden anus in scale and quality, more than in the Ming dynasty.

    Can say, the stone is the history of art history, but also the rich cultural connotation of history, is more vivid and real human history.

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