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    Large granular diamond synthesis technology
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    This technology uses indirect heating spontaneous nucleation technique, overcomes the seeding method of complex structure, high cost, diamond growth speed and low success rate of defects, according to the assembly structure, pressure transmission system, equipment insulation improved packing performance and Shi Mozhu material structure, improved the growth conditions of diamond, and advanced into the the nucleation and growth process control technology, a substantial increase in diamond growth speed at the same time, to ensure that the synthetic quality improvement. At present, forty minutes and fifty minutes of synthetic 0.9*1.2mm, 1*1.4mm single crystal, crystal form II B, synthetic quality has basically reached the fine-grained (40/45) single crystals of high grade level, a single synthetic quantity can be effectively controlled in the 200-300 grain, good repeatability, during the test no crack hammer phenomenon, the present progress of test verify the rationality and feasibility of this technology theory.

    The performance of the equipment and other conditions, the test can not continue, need to transform the traditional equipment, the anvil geometry and assembly structure redesign to further growth in the premise of ensuring the quality of. In the present circumstances, can ensure the growth rate of single crystal up to 0.2-0.3mm/10 minutes, after the analysis of the sample test and test data, have absolute certainty to realize continuous synthesis of 1.5*2.1mm, 2*3mm high grade single crystal in 2-3 hour, are not expected to have the condition test cycle in materials and equipment in case of more than two months.

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