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    Six points to distinguish natural stone and artificial stone
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    Natural stone beautiful natural pattern drives people to imitate it, especially in the area of mine resources, lack of man-made stone products sample/ looks very realistic, but careful observation, is easy to distinguish:

    One is the stone material own color pattern;

    Natural stone texture and color are naturally formed, texture confusion naturally formed, such as: gold, cream, cream. Artificial stone texture is to imitate the natural stone texture of the very rules of lines, color clear single.

    Two is the stone of its own weight;

    Two kinds of sheet metal under the same size, its weight is heavy natural stone, artificial stone, lighter weight.

    Three is the stone abrasion resistance;

    The compressive strength, wear resistance of artificial stone its wear resistance without the natural stone.

    Four is the stone itself high ph;

    With hydrochloric acid test, a drop in the natural marble surface will appear rich foam, artificial marble, there is no obvious bubble.

    Five is the permeability of the stone itself;

    Natural stone than the penetration of strong artificial stone. The color of the liquid droplets in the natural stone surface, color will penetrate into the stone, the traces clear not easy; and the permeability of artificial stone worse, color slow penetration, if clean in time will not leave traces.

    Six is the stone on its life;

    The same specifications sheet, natural stone material life is far more than the artificial stone life.

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