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    Mosaic formation
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      On the use of RGB for example, R (red red), G (green green), B (blue blue). These three kinds of color in a 0~255 range of intensity values, the higher the bright digital, for example, bright red with R value 255, G value 0 and B value of 0, there can be no light and shade and light. Such as blue light and white light meet, the result is more bright blue color light. So R, G, B values of different mixed color. For example, a picture, there are a lot of different colors of small patches of them, due to the small and dense pixel the color very much, and mosaic is a circle (small chunks for the range of integers, so generally use the rectangular or square to circle), put in the circle of small chunks R values are added together, calculated the average number. And then the G value add them all up, average. Then the B value add them all up, averaging. The average total above R value for the R value, the average total above G value for the G value, the average total above B value for the B value, forming a color, then the color painted circle, so that the formation of mosaic.

      Mosaic (Mosaic), building professional terms as mosaics, divided into the ceramic mosaic and glass mosaic tiles two. Is a decorative art, often using many small stones or fragments of colored glass mosaic pattern, in the Church of the glass art, also known as flower window glass (stained glass). In the Byzantine Empire, the rise and development of the mosaic with Christian churches and palaces in the form of murals.

      Mosaic, from MOSAIC, are carefully decorated with mosaic pattern stitching. People in earlier live in caves, in order to make the floor more durable, using a variety of marble laying on the ground, the earliest mosaic is on the basis of the development of derivative. Mosaic is one of the earliest mosaic art, with small stones, shells, tile, glass and other non-ferrous block an art piece used in the wall or floor drawing pattern to performance.


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