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    Teach you how to choose your stone engraving machine
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    All kinds of engraving machine has gradually appeared in the market of, the user how to choose his engraving machine?

    Emergence of engraving machine provides a rare opportunity for the advertising industry, it is just like a few years ago computer lettering machine gradually accepted by people, computer engraving machine engraving of the breastpiece, licensing departments, all kinds of signs, light box, crystal word building model, mould making, has been popular in the industry. Gradually popular in application of carving machine at the same time, all kinds of engraving machine has gradually appeared in the market of, the user how to choose his engraving machine?

    Please pay attention to the following points:

    1, pay attention to the function of engraving machine, engraving machine engraving machine has large and small power points. Processing some carving machine with small power only suitable for double color plate, building model, small signs, three-dimensional crafts materials, this process has been popular for a time, but because the engraving power too small greatly affect the scope of its application. Another is the carving machine large power of the engraving head, the engraving machine is divided into two categories, is a large cutting machine: format generally in more than one meter, but this engraving machine precision is generally poor; another kind is the area of moderate engraving machine engraving machine: This is generally used in fine processing and organic production of signs.

    2, to understand the function and performance of engraving machine, engraving machine engraving head motor is also very crucial, because the engraving head motor generally do not belong to the scope of warranty, while the engraving head motor and long time of continuous work, so if the engraving head motor will not affect the engraving machine.

    3, moreover is the engraving head motor speed adjustable range, the general speed adjustable range is the thousands per minute to thirty thousand rpm, if speed is not adjustable or adjustable speed range is small, then the engraving machine application scope is limited, because different materials must be carved carving head speed different.

    4, engraving machine body manufacturing technology: high power engraving machine work requirement ontology must precision and stability, therefore, long-term large power engraving should adopt casting body can ensure the machining precision and stability.

    5, the controller is generally divided into two categories: one controller is driven, and all its operations by the computer to complete, in the engraving machine while working at the computer in a wait state, not for typesetting. Another controller using single chip microcomputer control, the controller is actually a computer, so as long as the engraving machine to start working immediately, the computer can be other typesetting work, especially for longer periods of time when the carving, especially obvious advantages.

    An important part of the 6, wire rod and the guide rail is engraving machine, the lead screw and the guide rail is the precision and performance of engraving machine used for a long time guarantee.

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