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    Popular trend of stone design: transparent stone, into the green era of originality.
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    International Conference Hall in stone 2013 world stone meeting, about 200 exhibitors from around the world attended the design conference. The conference invited to Italy stone professional adviser, architecture tutor PieroPrimavori, general manager of Swiss stone elite design company UrsBrandenberg stone circles anatomical trends in today's world stone http:// design.

    Trend 1

    Natural stone or popular backlight

    UrsBrandenberg thinks, a few years ago, focus on the development of industry is the selection of the materials of stone, and now is the key technology, this to the natural stone use in interior design bring new possibilities, backlight natural stone material has become a trend.

    "Light stone bright color rich, structure and charming, is a good material for high-grade decoration. At present, some natural stone, such as agate, semi precious stones with transparency. The thinning process can make the opaque jade or striped marble, granite, quartz stone into a translucent, enable it to have the light effect." UrsBrandenberg said, this process can create new crystal marble, class of agate stone, design scope will expand the stone, meet the needs of different consumer demand for stone

    UrsBrandenberg reminds, backlight stone looks simple, but the actual complex process, we must grasp the spectrum of the light source, in order to bring comfortable decoration effect.

    Trend 2

    Http:// stone industry into the green era of originality

    With the changing times, high-quality substitute various green has appeared, which will promote the stone industry entered a new stage of development.

    Primavori says, the concept of green building will become more and more popular. He said, with the exception of artificial stone, stone industry may be some waste materials recycling, made some new materials, can also be made with light and thin, translucent stone. In addition, can also be combined with stone and some special materials, made of composite board, which can save resources.

    In addition to the development of new materials, can also be green elements into the design concept. "For example, in the stone surface of implanted green plants, can rise to the noise reduction effect; or make a desktop according to Coca Cola bottle cap appearance, formation of flower shape, while the flowers into it." Primavori said.

    Trend 3

    Stone industrial extension to the decoration industry

    The German stone Brazil correspondent Mar CELO, stone widely used in the kitchen, this point has been confirmed in Brazil.

    "Rich people in Brazil also prefer natural stone, that must be made from granite kitchen countertops, like granite in the bathroom and the edge of the pool on the shop." Marce Lo revealed that the use of "calm", like the stone in the home, the color and texture of a more unified stone. In some developed city and area, the use of natural stone in the kitchen of will become more and more popular, synchronous follow-up this requirement of mechanical processing technology of

    Liu Liang thinks, a lot of stone creative design ideas and stone processing are from Italy, such as the green elements in the stone in the design of application, is a good idea. In addition, the experts mentioned some viewpoints such as translucent stone and recovery of waste stone by, many Nanan enterprise began operating in the city has, achieved good results.

    "But, I must admit, foreign stone creative in China application should also take into account the Chinese environment, has many Chinese ancient architectural design concept is developed." Liu Liang said.

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